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Why choose datametrix?

• Reliability to collaborate

• Expertise to deliver

• Cost-effectiveness to compete

• Expertise to deliver


Why choose datametrix?

We offer you a different way forward!

We do not restrict ourselves to the same tools as every other


Why choose datametrix?

We know how to shape our services to you needs!

We have a deep domain knowledge and expertise,

confirmed by customer satisfaction


With offices in Switzerland, USA, European Union, and North Africa, datametrix has means to ensure most effective client support.


A unique set of expertise and experience ensures ability to deliver the project on time and on budget.


We demonstrated ability to adapt our proposal , team organization and even the team location to customer needs.


Our rationalized management and lean organization allow us to develop cost-effective solution and overcome your budget challenges.

To help our customers save time, enhance productivity and improve cost-effectiveness we also offer all our analytical services via datametrix adaptive, value-based FSP model.

Data intelligence

Most of the Real-World Data, particularly big data, doesn’t offer a lot of value in its unprocessed state. datametrix helps you get powerful insights from this stockpile of data by applying the right set of analytical tools merged with deep expertise and human insight.

We utilize a variety of statistical, data modelling, data mining, and machine learning techniques to help you see beyond expected in your historical or recent data. Our agile approach to RWD analysis and data modelling will enable you to make data driven business decisions and to bring added value to your customers.

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Data intelligence
  • Data visualization (e.g. to support clinical/medical data review)
  • Data mining (exploratory analyses in particular on registries)
  • Big data analysis
  • RW D collection and analysis, customize RWD project
  • Predictive modeling using AI technologies
  • Machine learning methodology to improve data analysis
  • Text mining for better understanding of customer opinion
Biostatistical analysis

We offer you a different way forward!

Biostatistics in clinical trials isn’t just a necessity. Using the right approach is a path to success of your clinical trial. At datametrix, we adapt our offer to your clinical and business needs.  We use our comprehensive approach to help you achieve beyond your expectations. Our biostatisticians apply their deep knowledge to help you navigate the complexities of your clinical trials with speed and flexibility.

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Biostatistical analysis
  • Study Design and Sample Size Estimation
  • Statistical analysis plans
  • Advanced SAS Programming
  • Responsive, Interactive Statistical Consulting on Demand
  • Statistical reports
  • Interim Analysis planning
  • Statistical programming (SAS® and/or R): Table, Listing and Figures development
  • Preparation of submission documents (ISS/SCS, ISE/SCE, RMP)

Unlock your market access potential with the help of datametrix HEOR experts!

In the competitive world of pharmaceutical industry having a strong cost- effectiveness model or Innovative market access strategy can pay dividends. Our experts in Health Economics and  Outcome Research  have extensive experience  in different health economic methodologies and can help you to unlock the optimal  and fastest way to enable patients the access to your innovative product.

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  • Discrete choise experiment
  • Patients reported ourcomes , ePRO
  • Cost effectiveness analysis
  • Budget impact analysis
  • Value- added cost effectiveness analysis
Data management

High-quality, well-organized, and intelligently collected data are prerequisites to rapid and reliable hypothesis testing and deriving the most information from any sized subject dataset. Datametrix provides full data management services including our fast and easy to use EDC system to streamline data collection and monitoring process. In addition, we are specialized in online collaborative platforms open to healthcare professionals sharing a common scientific interest. We have gained a strong reputation with investigators and medical sites in the performance of Real World Registries.

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Data management
  • CRF-Design (e-CRF and p-CRF)
  • Design and database implementation
  • ePro/eDiary systems
  • Data Validation and Query Management
  • Clinical Programming
  • Electronic Data Integration and Transfer
  • Data Management Plan and Data Validation Plan preparation
  • Live database migrations
  • Data conversion and mapping
  • Data Management and systems Audit

CDISC Services is integrated part of clinical data management

  • Creation of related documentation
    • SDTM annotated CRF
    • SDTM metadata
    • PDF
    • XML
  • Creation and documentation related to ADaM
    • Analysis level
    • Dataset level
    • Variable level
    • Parameter level documentation
  • Mapping of studies from legacy to CDISC standards for ISS/ISE reporting and regulatory submissions
  • Creation of documentation for integrated databases
  • Statistical programming using ADaM datasets as input for the production of statistical results

EDC system