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SenseBurn will create a novel diagnostic device that will provide improved data to understand patho-physiological conditions of burn patients. With it medical help to burn victims can be given on an effective and systematic way in real time. Early medical intervention will reduce the extent and limit the depth of burns, and minimize the morbidity and mortality.

This solution consists of an app that works in conjunction with the burn depth sensor system. SenseBurn uses two innovative technologies developed by partners in the project,

Surface 3D technique for the 3D estimation of the burn surface developed by RISC and the burn depth sensor system being developed at UU in association with AH. This will be capable of early diagnosis of burn cases with respect to the affected area and depth and thus, facilitating enhanced care quality and faster recovery.
SenseBurn project is a consortium project, supported by Eurostars innovation program, where partner from Sweden, Austria and Switzerland bring together their expertise to improve patient lives.