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Organized and High Quality Data: Go with Datametrix

High-quality, well-organized, and intelligently collected data are prerequisites to rapid and reliable hypothesis testing and deriving the most information from any sized subject dataset. 

Datametrix provides full data management services including our fast and easy to use EDC system to streamline data collection and monitoring process. In addition, we are specialized in online collaborative platforms open to healthcare professionals sharing a common scientific interest. We have gained a strong reputation with investigators and medical sites in the performance of Real World Registries.

Our experience and unique combination of skills, at the frontier between life science and data management, enables our team of Data Experts to rapidly deliver on Data Management projects. 

What's your need?

We are experienced and able to support you with any of the below requirements. 

[Your need is not listed? Contact us to see if we can help or recommend one of our partners]. 

General Data Management Services:

  • CRF-Design (e-CRF and p-CRF)
  • Design and database implementation
  • ePro/eDiary systems
  • Data Validation and Query Management
  • Clinical Programming
  • Electronic Data Integration and Transfer
  • Data Management Plan and Data Validation Plan preparation
  • Live database migrations
  • Data conversion and mapping
  • Data Management and systems Audit

CDISC Services:

  • Creation of related documentation
    • SDTM annotated CRF
    • SDTM metadata
    • PDF
    • XML
  • Creation and documentation related to ADaM
    • Analysis level
    • Dataset level
    • Variable level
    • Parameter level documentation
  • Mapping of studies from legacy to CDISC standards for ISS/ISE reporting and regulatory submissions
  • Creation of documentation for integrated databases
  • Statistical programming using ADaM datasets as input for the production of statistical results

We would be happy to assess your needs together. Book a call or drop us an email. 

Your Benefits When Choosing Datametrix

Flexibility &

With offices in Switzerland (Neuchâtel), Sweden (Molndal at the AstraZeneca BioHub) and North Africa, we have always embraced virtual team working solutions and techniques. We connect rapidly and readily – through virtual media or in person.

Reliability & Expertise

Ensuring the delivery of your projects on time, to the expected standards and within budget, we have a team of highly qualified data analysts and biostatisticians with extensive experience and deep expertise.

Ability to adapt to your scope

Your needs come first. Our core skills are around data analytics, biostatistics, HEOR, data management and programming. Our large network or partners enables us to broaden our range of services, including clinical operations project management, field monitoring and site management.

Cost-Effectiveness to Compete

Datametrix’s lean management and efficient organization enables us to develop cost-effective solutions , helping you manage your budget challenges. If you are unsure about the amount of work that can be delivered at a certain budget, please reach out – our goal is to support you the more we can while fitting your budget.

What's our "Flexible FSP" Model?

To help you save time, enhance productivity and improve cost-effectiveness, we also offer all our services via our adaptive, value-based FSP Model.
This working model, that we like to call “Super Flexible”, offers strong benefits to your team:
  • Focused resources
  • Multiregional presence and localized customer support
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Accelerating recruitment timelines

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