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Dates: June 17, 2021

Location: virtual

Our CEO Ahmed El Rhali will be on the panel of experts in a discussion about patient data and its value.

Different devices, insurances and healthcare providers are all collecting data from patients in order to provide a cohesive history, diagnosis and prognosis.  And the healthcare industry is moving toward a future of patient empowerment where consumers, with the help of patient engagement technology, can manage their own health and keep chronic illnesses under control. The potential to collect high quality data is huge and extremely important for the future of health. 

  • What will the future of patient data management look like?
  • What will be cutting edge technologies? E.g. will blockchain be a solution?
  • Which ethical questions need to be resolved?
  • Will the patient data ownership disrupt classical healthcare business models ?
  • What are the liability concerns with patientdata and artificial intelligence use in a healthcare setting?
  • What solutions are available worldwide for individual patient data management (best practice cases)?

These and many more questions are to be discussed by the group of experts.

Register for the event (link below) and Join us  in the discussion!

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